People and Politics

The Algerian people are proud of their nationality and strictly believe in their armed liberatory revolution, which broke out in 01 November 1954; so, they celebrate with relative ceremonies as a remembrance of the revolution, “Mujahid Day” and “Martyr Day”. The people owe a special sacredness to the remembrance of revolution martyrs. The old Mujahedeen have an honorific status in the society and a privileged treatment by the State which specified a ministry under the name of “Ministry of Mujahdeen” since independence in 1962 and approved “The National Organization for Mujahdeen”. The State considers the Algerian army a descendant of the National Liberation Army, which carried out liberation war against the French colonization.

Under recognition of pluralism of parties, media and trade union since 1989, the field has become opened for emergence of political currents, which are different in the starting points and directions. Such currents often disagreed in regard of critical national issues, but they agree not to affect security of the society and stability of the State, in addition to rejection of any form of the external interference in the internal affairs either in opinion or situation.