General Information

The capital of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is "Algeria" a coastal city in the middle of the Gulf overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is full of historical and tourist attractions and vary in urban architecture between the old neighborhoods dating back to the Turkish era and the buildings that were established during the French colonial period and which are outdated and the authorities are trying to restore them despite the expiration of its artistic life, And the modern neighborhoods built after independence.

And according to the administrative division of the country there are (48) in Algeria, the most important Constantine (east of the capital) and Oran and Tabaza archaeological coastal and the oil tanker.

Economic activity is concentrated on trade and fishing. Some industrial areas located in the suburbs of Ruwaiba and Réghaia are directly linked to Algiers via railways. Algeria enjoys large tourist attractions but is poorly exploited.

Most of Algerian people believe in Islam, mainly they follow the Maliki school. There is a class of Mozabite, Badina and Ghardaïa tribes who follow the Ibadi doctrine in addition to some of the Christians and the Jews. The majority of humans there are mainly Arab and Amazigh tribes (Berber, Chaoui and Touareg),while the population exceeds 40 millions.